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Expert Webinar: Whither Windows? Tuesday, March 17, 2015 at 4:00 PM EDT Practically all organizations are dominated by Microsoft Windows at the desktop, and many have substantial numbers of Windows servers as well, making the future direction of Windows a critical issue for technology infrastructure planning.

Since the advent of smartphones and tablets, however, Windows’ dominance over intelligent devices has taken a beating, first from Apple iOS, and more seriously from Google Android. Microsoft’s first attempt to address this market reality — Windows 8 — has been written-off as a credible migration path by most enterprises, and Windows Phone is still a distant third-place in market share. Will Windows 10 solve these problems?

Much of the punditry published about the future of Windows is rubbish, betraying a lack of understanding of how operating systems are engineered, the economics of the software industry, and IT departments’ real decision processes. This webinar, by TAC president Peter Schay, will cut through the nonsense. Hot issues to be addressed include:
  • What is the appropriate “balance of power” between traditional Windows-based PCs and mobile devices in business?
  • How do the technical support and information security obligations of IT organizations affect platform decisions?
  • What are practical implications of Microsoft’s “mobile first, cloud first” strategy?
  • How well will Windows 10 — client and server — address actual enterprise requirements?
Peter Schay, TAC President, has more than 30 years of achievements in the design, implementation and transformation of complex, mission-critical, worldwide products, services and programs. He has consulted to major firms including IBM, HP, Microsoft, Accenture and CSC. Mr. Schay achieves results through earnest collaboration, relentless focus, and persuasive articulation of problems and solutions to senior management, peers and practitioners across disciplines, organizations and cultures. His expertise includes deep understanding of operations and information technology, business process innovation, and identification of essential issues in complex problems. He is experienced with company sizes ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100, including Gartner (Group VP, Gartner Research Worldwide Operations), Digital Equipment Corporation (Group Manager, Product Management, VAX 8600 and VAXclusters), and AT&T Bell Laboratories (Member of Technical Staff).
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