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Are you completely satisfied with the value you get from your substantial investments in IT?

Are you a leader who:

  • Has overseen significant IT investments for years but has no mechanism for ensuring value for money
  • Needs technology to become an integral part of your organization’s infrastructure but have tried and been frustrated too many times
  • Wants to change the rules and add more accountability and benefit realization from your technology investments but no matter how clear you are, people still push back

The CEO and/or corporate directors are not expected to be current with modern technology solutions. Instead of relying on advice from your staff, who may have their own motives and hidden agendas, why not leverage advice from impartial experts?

You can no longer ignore the fact that your investors deserve a quantifiable way of measuring the results from technology investments. Nor can you ignore the fact that your customers deserve and expect a world-class experience.

TAC International provides board-of-directors with advice and guidance in asking the right questions and understanding the answers in:

  • Aligning business and IT strategies
  • Establishing enterprise and/or line of business governance to ensure efficient decision making and appropriate prioritization of major IT investments
  • Increasing return on IT investments through enhanced IT-enabled revenue generation and effective management of IT-related costs
  • Designing executive-level reporting on IT opportunities, challenges and effectiveness

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