TAC International Trusted Advisors to Senior Executives Everywhere

Corporations are looking to IT to help them cope with a laundry list of issues...

And it falls on the shoulders of the IT executives to deal with:

  • Shorter economic cycles
  • Accelerated delivery expectations
  • Innovative technology solutions to help the business compete
  • More specialized IT skills
  • Achieving measurable results from their IT investment

Are you a leader who:

  • Wants to raise your game and improve success in your current role but can’t focus because of constant fire-fighting
  • Would like to get a seat at the executive committee table but don’t know how to go about it
  • Wants to make better decisions on technical and people issues but have nobody you can trust to bounce your ideas off of

TAC International has assembled an unmatched team or world-renowned experts with extensive practical experience and our team is backed-up by a network of hundreds of IT industry specialists. Now you can draw from the experiences of our entire team rather than a single source.

Leverage the power and experience of our team to get:

  • Access to legendary Fortune 100 CIOs
  • On-the-job coaching, mentoring and advising
  • In-the-moment advice and support
  • Guidance with difficult decisions on technical or people issues
  • In-depth technical support from our network of hundreds of industry experts

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