TAC International Trusted Advisors to Senior Executives Everywhere

Who We Are

TAC International is a non-profit entity launched in January 2013. It consists of approximately 25 legendary former global CIOs of Fortune 200 companies, who act as executive advisors. 100% of the profits of TAC International go back to the major IT professional associations (SIM and WITI) and to Year Up, an organization that helps disadvantaged teenagers get into the workforce by sponsoring scholarships, internships, and training (some of which is done by our executive advisors).

The “sweet spot” of TAC (The Advisory Council) is providing trusted and impartial advice on information technology issues to C-suite executives and Board-level non-executives. We call that Expertise-as-a-Service®. To provide that service, TAC has recruited more than 25 alumni of the Research Board to act as executive advisors, coaches and mentors. The Research Board is the most highly respected network in the IT profession, consisting of only Global Fortune 50 CIOs. TAC has leveraged a number of recently retired Research Board members, chosen for their successful track record as practitioners; for their extensive experience in leadership roles; for their up-to-date subject-matter expertise; for their personality and ability to work as trusted advisors at the C-suite level; for their breadth of coverage of the spectrum of business sectors; and for their extensive personal network. These advisors have recently shaped the strategic IT plans of a number of client companies ranging from “sell-side” start-ups to “buy-side” mid-cap and large-cap organizations (including several Fortune 15 companies). They also advise on sourcing strategy with a number of supply chain executive clients, and make numerous presentations at trade conferences on IT sourcing strategy. This advisory service is built on top of an established business that has hundreds of IT experts who provide IT advisory services to hundreds of client companies, and has been operating successfully at this more technical level since 2002.

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